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Mr. WEB 2.0 to You!

By John | March 10, 2008

Guest on the IT Management Guys Episode #9

What’s amazing about all of this that, when I first started this site, I had no idea if anyone would come. I made some initial stupid jokes to start the blog off, and I did the “let’s see what happens dance.” Lo and behold, Mark Hinkle was one of my first visitors. Here is his first comment…

  1. Mark Hinkle Says: June 24th, 2007 at 12:17 am e
    I am really enjoying your blog, I am hoping you think a free and open source CMDB is a good thing. A little humor is just what ESM needs…
    Mark Hinkle
    Zenoss Inc.

Since then, I have made some really cool friends in a very short period. Like I have said many times, I am having a blast doing this blogging/podcasting stuff. Mark has a great summary in his recent post about my progress:

What fascinates me is that John has become Mr. Web 2.0 whipping out his little mobile podcasting studio. Six months ago when I met John he was just learning to blog now he’s a Twitter, blogging, podcasting fool (But in a good way).

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